Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Perfectly Imperfect Floral Inspiration: Sweet Jasmine

Bridal Bouquet By Yasmin of Floral Theory; Photo by Shira Weinberger

One of my favorite designers and partners in the wedding industry is Yasmin Zialcita Ali, principal designer/owner of Floral Theory. As one of my "power vendors", we are in constant collaboration and she leaves in awe after every event (which is almost impossible considering my unhealthy level of perfectionism). The woman is truly genius at her craft and I find myself coming away with a wealth of knowledge after each wedding we execute together.

One of my favorite design principals that I've learned from her is, "beauty is perfectly imperfect", especially in floral design. She couldn't be more right.

I find it amazing that just a touch of something wispy and organic can really elevate an already stunning floral centerpiece or bridal bouquet into a state of perfection. I love the use of Jasmine in her work as it really adds another dimension by creating a soft, organic and understated elegance to the design.

Enjoy the following Jasmine inspiration images where it's executed beautifully in floral design.


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