Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rustic & Elegant Chalkboard Signage

As a San Francisco based wedding planner, I covered a lot of territory, over 250 miles to be exact. During high wedding season, you can find us up in Napa executing a wedding on a Saturday, only to find us in Carmel-by-the-Sea or Big Sur the following Thursday preparing for a large rehearsal dinner. With that said, we plan and execute weddings in many different types of venues and environments.

Regardless of the region we're in at any given time, one beautiful theme seems carries through in "most"  outdoor affairs - simple, rustic elegance.

Rustic elegance doesn't mean that it's more casual, less formal or cheaper than another style, it just means it's more relaxed, not overworked and nothing too perfect. It also allows for a more creative approach to many traditional elements that many brides are leaning towards because it's simple beauty, not overly fussy and allows for elements that work with an outdoor or unconventional space.

A good example of an element that works beautifully is elegant chalkboard signage. We execute this detail a lot in our rustic ranch, vineyard and garden weddings. If done right, the statement can be as beautiful as receiving letter press invitation.

We've used chalkboards in place of menus, escort card tables, seating charts, table names and ceremony programs. It can really be used in any place that you're providing a directive to your guests. The sky is the limit.

To create elegant signage using chalkboards, I have "go to" vendors who design and create it for us. I use always use my network's top calligraphers to draw on the content and then it goes to our floral designer for a floral or organic touch to finish it off.

Enjoy the following images of gorgeous signage inspiration.

Happy planning!

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