Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Presidio Social Club

As if my job isn't already fun as it is, it somehow gets better when my favorite things and work seem to marry together in harmony.

The Presidio Social Club is one of my most favorite restaurants in San Francisco and that's saying a lot because I get to experience some of the best places the City has to offer. I like it so much, I seem to find any reason to go - out of town client dinners, holidays, girlfriend brunches or to treat my assistants to Mimosas and french fries. I even had my 30th's birthday dinner hosted at PSC for 25 people.

PSC is where comfort food is perfected and meets fine dining at it's best. The service is impeccable, the presentation is gorgeous, but it's also incredibly approachable and relaxed. They use local vendors that supply only the freshest ingredients and are executed to their integrity. For example, they use a dedicated tomato vendor whom they lovingly call, "The Tomato Lady", who supplies them with amazing tomato produce all year round. I was eating the most perfectly tasting tomatoes yesterday in several dishes and not once did I feel I missed out on the taste of summer. This is a total fete considering it's January!

Their signature dishes are sensational, but if you are a true regular, then you know they have some special "secret" upgrades that aren't on the menu. Take their Mac'n'Cheese. It's kind of "to-die-for" and a total MUST if you go, however, I bet you didn't know that you could order it with Lobster, did you? Yes, Ma'am, you can. Another is their amazing Deviled Eggs. That also can be upgraded to add a little luxurious caviar on top, if you so desire (which I do).

As you can see, I can keep going on and on about PSC, but I will get to main point:
They now offer CATERING for special events. Weddings in specific. 

Back in December I attended a California Brides Magazine event hosted at The PSC where I met Veronica Romeyn, their special events director.  We chatted briefly about their service offerings and menu. With clients who were looking for the perfect short rib to serve on their wedding day, I got excited.

Yesterday's tasting with Veronica at The PSC was a fantastic experience. They certainly delivered to the degree and quality expected from their stellar reputation.

As a planner, I'm incredibly selective on my vendors and I typically stick to my A team players who I know for certain will deliver to the highest degree for my clients. However, when a vendor wows my socks off, I'm happy to make room.

For more information on The Presidio Social Club, contact Veronica Romeyn.

The Presidio Social Club
563 Ruger St
SF, CA 94129

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Signature Cocktail Inspiration - The Perfect Champagne Cocktail

Photo Credit: Tia & Claire Studios

In my opinion, it's not a party until you hear a champagne bottle pop.

As a wedding planner, I always advise clients to make at least one of their signature cocktails a champagne cocktail. To me, it's just a touch of simple glamour and elegance made easy. There is something regal about seeing silver trays filled with gorgeous crystal flutes being passed around to guests during a reception.

When we design signature cocktails for clients, we always elevate it a notch by adding something special to enhance it. In the image above, we loved adding a special sprig of fresh lavender to a glass of Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc from our Calistoga Ranch wedding last December.

Looking for the perfect the perfect champagne cocktail? Try one of our favorites below.

Lavender Champagne Cocktail:
- 1 1/2 teaspoons of Lavender infused simple syrup
- 7 ounces of ice chilled champagne, sparkling wine or Presecco

In a beautiful crystal flute, add Lavender infused simple syrup followed by your choice of bubbles. Place one fresh sprig of Lavender stem first into each flute. Voila!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

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In case you didn't know, wedding professionals have a severe addiction to Pinterest these days. There is so much "pretty" out there, it's the best place for us to collect it all and organize it for our own personal inspiration. We also use it as an interactive design tool within our design teams and with our clients as well!

I have over 2,300 lovely images I've curated on to 41 boards ranging from my own personal fashion style to my favorite recipes to wedding goodness in any category you can think of. One of my personal favorites is my bridal jewelry board... take a look here!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cavallo Point Wedding by Soiree by Simone Lennon Featured in Style Me Pretty - The Ultimate Wedding BLOG

We are excited to kick off the New Year with a feature in Style Me Pretty today! 

We love seeing the weddings we fell in love with designing and all our amazing vendors get recognized. Even though this wedding at Cavallo Point was back in June, seeing it come to life in this feature takes me right back to that warm and clear summer day in Sausalito. 

Want to see more of this beautiful feature, click here and leave us a comment on what you think!