Thursday, January 19, 2012

{Engagement Shoot} Tammy & Dan

Let me first off start by saying, I love Tammy. She's extraordinary, really. I know, it seems like I'm totally infatuated with every one of my brides, but the truth is, I really and truly am. They are all so different and special and Tammy is no exception to this.

The first time I spoke with Tammy was last summer over the phone while I was in Carmel and she was in San Francisco. She called me originally to inquire about wedding planning services and we literally talked for an hour about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING wedding. It was one of those conversations where everything just flowed so naturally between two women who were on the same page and shared the same excitement and vision.

Our first face-to-face meeting was at Pacific Catch in San Francisco, where we chatted about her venue, colors and overall vision over a glass of Chardonnay. It was such a fun and lively chat as she's probably the most darling little firecracker of a bride I've had. I, myself, am known to be quite "the firecracker" too, so it's so much fun to be able to vibe on that energy. Also, Tammy is this doe-eyed stunner with a great sense of style, has a quick wit about her and very warm energy. I'm so excited that she's one of my brides for 2012.

As we started to talk more about her venue (in Sonoma) something just didn't feel easy about the process she was undertaking to make it happen. My personal philosophy about wedding planning is, if it's not naturally fitting into your grand plan, don't force it, change it. For example, in Tammy's case, she really wanted a Saturday wedding but a Friday was her only option at her current venue. Then she found out that there was a major sports car race going on during her wedding weekend. Needless to say, her venue situation was getting complicated and beginning to turn into a headache. As a planner who works a lot on the Central Coast, specifically Carmel Valley, I suggested that she take a look at another venue that I felt fit her vision, Chateau Julien Winery.

The following week after our initial meeting, we met in Carmel Valley and toured the estate together. It was so gratifying for me as a planner to see my client and her family fall in love with a venue that I suggested out of pure intuition. Not only did she fall in love with it, they had the Saturday open that she wanted and everything just fell into place easily after that. In wedding planning, when done right, things that brides want should just fall into place naturally.

Tammy and Dan's wedding date is set for this coming June in Carmel Valley. Her nuptials will be nestled in the estate's vineyards and her reception will be in their beautiful barrel room where guests will dine on a three course-dinner and dance to a top San Francisco DJ.

The following images taken of the couple are from their engagement shoot in San Francisco. There is so much love flowing in these two that I honestly sigh every time I look at them. They are so gorgeous, I can barely stand it!  Photography by Sarah Kathleen.

Congrats Tammy and Dan!

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