Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 - Hitting the Ground Running!

The gorgeous image above is my inspiration for 2012 - simple, modern, relaxed, natural and a bit daring. Take chances on style, stay grounded, let it flow and just be beautiful.

It's been an incredibly busy beginning of the year for us here at Soiree. I have been traveling all over Northern California with out-of-state clients and having a great time. The more time I spend with each of my 2012 client couples, the more inspired by them I am and I just can't wait for their big days. Each couple has such amazing and unique style and it's so rewarding to see the details we've created come through to fruition. I somehow need to add a 25th hour in my day to keep up with all the wonderful things happening.

Keep checking back this week as I have some amazing client engagement shoots that will be posted, great planning editorials and inspirational images to post.

Happy 2012 and happy planning!



  1. can't wait for the year ahead :) Lets plan an editorial shoot, asap!

  2. Me too! It's going to be an epic year for us and our partnership. There are some really beautiful things in the works right now... can barely contain it!