Thursday, October 20, 2011

{Engagement Shoot} Yaxi & Kai

Photo by Delbarr Moradi

Now that this year's wedding season is winding down, we are starting to gear up on our 2012 couples' big days. Finally a chance to relax and take some time off, right? Ummmm....not even close.  I am neck deep in planning documents, attending tons of design meetings, taking commuter calls between venue tours and performing client reviews seven days a week. Exhausting, right? Maybe sometimes, but this is why we do what we do - each client inspires us by their own unique charm and personalities and we can't wait to create an amazing wedding day that defines them as a couple. On average, we spend over 200 hours working with each set of clients and we get to know them very well. By the time their wedding day comes, they are like family.

Yaxi and Kai are clients of ours who are getting married at the beautiful Holman Ranch next May. These two are probably two of the sweetest people on the planet. When I say sweet, they are just that - they love to laugh, they love being with each other and are so easy to be with. They also love sweets with a passion. I think I witnessed Kai eat an entire 6" Red Velvet cake by himself during our cake tasting! Needless to say, I didn't need to make a note on that flavor.

One of my most favorite pre-wedding day milestones is receiving my couples' engagement photos from our photographer team. We have contracted the AMAZING (I wish I could bold that, like, a million times) Delbarr Moradi as their photographer. If you haven't heard of Delbarr's work yet, don't worry, you will very soon. She's a great friend, artist and a seriously rising star in this very competitive wedding industry. I am excited that we're working with each other so much in the coming year! She was able to capture the sweetness between our couple so well in their engagement shoot sample below. To view the entire collection, you may see them on the Studio Moradi's BLOG here.


Photo credit: Delbarr Moradi

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