Friday, April 22, 2011

This Week's Obsessions - CordeValle, Peonies & Backdrop Necklaces

Wedding season is in full spring and I'm traveling on average of 400 miles a week attending site visits, vendor meetings, client reviews and networking events. With a schedule like mine, I'm always discovering new amazing locations, lunching at fantastic resorts and meeting unbelievable vendors who are true masters of their craft. As a wedding planner, I LIVE for wedding season.

If you are one of my brides, then you know I get totally obsessed with things, places, people and styles that inspire me. I start dreaming about them and I don't stop until I get to utilize them in one of my events. Inspirations happen on a daily basis for me - grand or small, here are this week's:

CordeValle Resort in San Martin

Photo by one of my favorite people, Deanna Graham 

There is something very special about CordeValle and it has nothing to do with it being a 5 star luxury resort or it's ranking of #13 on the list of best places to stay in the US by CondeNast. This place is magical, beautiful and incredibly exclusive - driving past the San Martin exit on HW 101 S, one would never know it even existed.

With a 360 degree view of rolling hills, impeccably kept golf greens and a Michelin starred restaurant, this is the "cream of the crop" for country club weddings. 

Oh, and my obsession? It's massive driving range the size of a football field in a remote location - a seriously pristine canvas for any wedding planner.

It's Peony Season

Photo provided by The Knot

Peonies are one of my top three favorite flowers and they are only available locally two months of the year - May and June. I am completely obsessed with these massive feather-like floral blossoms until I can't get my hands on them any longer. They come in soft shades of white, ivory, pink and lavender. They are the ULTIMATE wedding must-have for a spring and early summer soiree. Get them, TRUST ME.

Jewelry - Backdrop Necklace

I just LOVE this fashion trend right now. Whether it's with diamonds, pearls or crystals, I think it's so elegant and sophisticated for brides to wear a gorgeous piece of jewelry to help accentuate her back. If you have an amazing backless gown and already have a lot going on in the front, take a risk and add a bit of bling between your shoulder blades.


  1. Hi my name is Simone as well! I just did a search for bak drop necklaces. Do you happen to remember where you got this image from? I'd love to wear this on my very special day. Thanks!

    1. .... sold out everywhere!!! im crazy about it... if you find it can you :D tell me please! love love xoxo..