Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not All Garters Are Created Equal

I've noticed a steep decline in brides participating in the garter toss - whether it's their second marriage and have "already done that", or they don't feel comfortable having their new husband lift up their dress during their reception - many brides are opting out completely.

Honestly, in my opinion, who can blame them with some of the unimpressive garters available out there.

Whether you plan on tossing that garter or not, it's still a bridal accessory and should not be overlooked. It's a fashion statement and they come in amazing designs - Chantilly lace, silks ribbons, adorned with crystals and pearls. Don't skimp.

If you aren't planning on having a formal toss, save it for your wedding night - your Hubby-To-Be will appreciate it.

Check out some of these chic garters available now by BHLDN.

Forget-Me-Not Garter by BHLDN

A bit of old Hollywood glamour for your leg’s upper. Florrie Mitton anchors her swath of shimmer tulle with hand-beaded floral appliqué.

Tethered Tiara Garter by BHLDN

Florrie Mitton sources each vintage strand of jewels individually so that no two of her lace and rhinestone garters are alike.

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