Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eileen & Stephen - A Perfect 10

10-10-10 = Eileen & Stephen
Holman Ranch, Carmel Valley, Ca

(Sunday, October 10, 2010)

Numerology for 10:
4+6 = harmony

1 followed by 0 indicates the column and the circle, meaning the principle of the female and male

The number 10 is regarded as the most perfect of numbers, because it contains the Unit that did it all, and the zero, symbol of the matter and the Chaos, of which all came out; it then includes in its figure the created and the non-created, the beginning and the end, the power and the force, the life and the nothing

Whether you believe in numerology or not, the power that's felt in this date truly matches the intensity of adoration, love and respect this couple shares for each other.

Working with Eileen and Stephen has been a wedding planner's dream - they had a clear set vision, elegance, sophistication, charm and a great sense of humor. Eileen is a stunning beauty with great style who loves small special details. Stephen is just a class act gentleman with old school chivalry that's hard to find. Together they make one of the most stunning and interesting couples I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Their wedding and reception will be held at Holman Ranch, a beautiful ranch style garden estate tucked in the mountains of Carmel Valley, CA. With grounds full of lavender, rosemary and roses, and backdrops of vineyards and rolling hills, this fall inspired event will be a wedding to remember.

Here is a preview of just a few details of what we have in store:
- Wrought iron adornments with burnt orange, ivory and bitter brown flowers
- Dahlias, garden roses and floating gardenias
- Chalkboards and love notes
- A king's dinner table under a vineyard arbor featuring the Carmel sunset
- Wine and cheese pairing from around the globe

Event photos to will be posted shortly.

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