Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bridal Fitness - Tips on Losing Weight & Looking Great


According to a new survey of 1,000 brides by Fitness magazine, 83% wanted to shed weight before their wedding, and many were prepared to take drastic action to achieve their goal.

As a wedding planner, I know how important it is for brides to look and feel amazing in their "perfect dress" on their wedding day. Some brides only want to tone up and shed a few pounds, while others are ready to undergo a major weight loss program. Regardless of how much weight a bride wants to lose, below are a few good tips on how to get great results before the "big day".

Regular Exercise
If you want lean and toned arms for your sleeveless wedding down, killer muscular legs for your reception dress or an amazing butt for that white bikini you've found for your honeymoon, you MUST workout. There is no way getting around it. Toning requires muscle which requires strengthening exercises.

Here are some great group exercise classes that will help you get in shape in no time:

  • Bridal Boot Camps - If you’re not a gym bunny, you may want to consider enlisting in bridal boot camp. Many boot camps are owned and taught by women and offer specific training sessions geared toward brides. These pre-nuptial programs can range from intensive weekend or week long regimens to long-term fitness plans. Bridal Bootcamps are offered all over the country so do a simple online search to find one in your area.
  • Bridal Fitness Coaches - these are personal trainers that are specifically trained to help brides get into amazing shape on a one-on-one basis. They are private trainers that design bridal exercise and diet programs specific to your individual needs. Most of the time they have their own private gyms or will come to your office or home to work you out! Check out Bridal Fitness Coach.
  • Gym Group Exercise Classes - There are some really great group exercise classes that are already offered at many gyms that brides can take advantage of without paying any extra in gym dues a month. Spinning, Pilates and Yoga are all great classes that burn calories while getting long, lean muscles. The BAR Method and Daily Method are also great classes that focus on slimming and toning the core.

A Healthy Diet - "You Are What You Eat"
Being fit is 80% diet related. What you consume greatly affects your entire body - the way your skin looks, your hair and nails, and more importantly, your body fat percentage. Losing weight is a simple calculation - you must burn more calories than what you consume. To shed those unwanted pounds, you have to be smart about the decisions you make when it comes to food.

Here are some good suggestions on helping you watch what you eat:

  • Visit a nutritionist - a registered nutritionist is a great resource to help you lose weight. They are trained professionals that can design the perfect eating program based on your body type, lifestyle and metabolism level. They will make sure to design a program that will give you all the proper nutrients to keep your energy level up and satisfied without crashing. With a great diet and regular vigorous exercise over a sufficient amount of time will result in a sexy body.
  • Cut out refined sugar - The problem with refined sugar is that it's a non-food, it is a stimulant, sure it has calories so it could be said it gives you energy, but the same could be said of alcohol. But those calories are empty at best and downright unhealthy in reality. Refined sugar actually causes more weight gain than eating fatty foods due to the spike in insulin levels in your blood. You can read all about at here.
  • Watch your calorie intake - Again, losing weight is a simple calculation - you must burn more calories than what you consume. Your body uses calories for energy and fuel and when your body burns more calories than what's being stored, it creates a deficit and therefore you start losing weight. The best way to monitor your calories is by writing everything down that you consume. There are also some great apps for your iPhone that can help you monitor your calorie and exercise intake so it keeps you honest throughout the day. I personally like the "Lose It" app for iPhones. 

Drink Lots of Water
Hydration is critical. While the benefits are countless this is one of the hardest things to implement into your daily routine. Water lowers body fat, flushes cellulite, improves digestion, gets rid of dark circles under the eyes and makes you feel full.

Here are some tips on how to get your water intake up throughout the day:

  • Keep a bottle of water beside your bed - before you go to sleep drink ½ the bottle and as soon as you wake up (before your feet touch the floor) drink the remaining ½ bottle 
  • Before each meal drink a half a bottle of water
  • Carry water with you and sip it throughout the day

Reward Yourself with a Cheat Day
Motivation is key when embarking on a weight loss regime and a light at the end of a tunnel is very beneficial after an intense week of working out and strict dieting. Having short term goals is highly effective in gaining momentum for weight loss - so rewarding yourself with a  "cheat day" for a job well done will help in keeping you from any binging tendencies which can lead to weight GAIN.

No matter what your weight loss and fitness goals are, you have to be dedicated, motivated and consistent to yield the results you're looking for. Is there anything more motivating than looking amazing on your wedding day? YES. Looking fantastic on the beach wearing your new wedding bling in a string bikini on your honeymoon!

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